Monday, June 1, 2009

Parabolic Arc Gets it!

This is typical of sort of helpful - but sort of unclear - stuff on the web. Actually the story is not new but the writer sort of "gets it" about rockets and ozone with the tagline:

"Space tourism threat: less carbon emissions than ozone depletion?"

I interpret this as:

"Risk to space tourism profits is from ozone depletion, not global warming!"

which is pretty much on the mark. Nice going Doug Messier! Doug is one of the few spacetravel bloggers who understand that ODSs and GHGs are different. Coupled but different. Doug understands that rocket emissions are not a big deal from a GHG perspective but might well be a big deal from an ODS perspective. Eventually.

Anyway, its good to see somebody understand these two points. Is Virgin Galactic reading this?

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