Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Could Not Make This Up

No kidding this is an actual plume from, we understand, a Russian military rocket that failed last month one hundred or so kilometers up. It is also possible that it was a test of some method to foil missile defense sensors. I don't know. It is a mesmerizing pattern, whatever happened. It is easy to predict that this plume modified the ionosphere in some way.


  1. Russian rocket failed? I'm an aerospace engineer myself and I'm calling bull****. I think there are gases that turn blue in the atmosphere, but isn't the blue spiral in front of the white one? If it was a Russian rocket flying from the White Sea that failed, that would mean that it would have also flown over Finland and Sweden. Would these nations not have outcries that such dangerous weapons are being flown over their territory? It would make sense that they could fail in more disastrous ways and potentially harm civilians. Why are they not more upset? Somehow I haven't heard about all that though.

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    armscontrolwonk has a good discussion: